1936 Velocette MAC

Marque Velocette
Model MAC
Year 1936
cc 350
Engine 4 stroke single
Starting Kickstart
Gears 4 speed
Top speed 75mph ?
Notes This Velocette is a local machine from Ilfracombe and has not been run for years. It does have old and new log books and the original registration and numbers. The seat should be a single seat but apart from that it looks to be about right as far as I know.


Here are some pointers that have been sent to me... (do you have any observations to add? dave@barkshire.co.uk  )

  1. Front Mudguard, should be deep valanced with a flare/skirt at bottom. (lower stay obviously missing)

  2. Rear mudguard seems to be OK from what I can see. It should have the brackets to hold the stand up near the bottom, I can't see if they are there.

  3. Seat (should be a single).

  4. Rear Stand missing

  5. Silencer is rotten!

  6. Rear light and number plate

  7. Toolbox is missing (This is the leather fronted pre-D shaped type)

  8. Throttle (should be push pull type)

  9. Not sure about the handlebars but they should have the push pull throttle mount bracket on the them.

  10. Dip switch and horn buttons should be mounted on the back of the levers and different type.

  11. I think that the damper knob on the front forks should be a metal wing nut and not a bakelite round type. I can't remember when they changed. There were so many different types of forks fitted at that time.

  12. Tank transfer for 1935 should have the 'TT Winners' on the logo

  13. Headlamp bracket is incomplete