1925 Royal Enfield - Standard 350cc

Marque Royal Enfield
Model 350 Standard
Year 1925
cc 350
Engine 4 stroke side valve single
Starting Kick
Gears 3 (hand)
Top speed ?
Notes Lights are powered by carbide gas


Oil Pump 

Pre restoration photos : This is what the Enfield looked like before its restoration in the late 1990s by Fred J Wells.  

Road Test

Here is my first flat tank proper vintage mount. I should have gone vintage years ago!

This Royal Enfield was until recently last taxed in 1930. For some reason, it only saw 5 years of action. Since restoration in the late 1990s, it has done quite a few miles and still feels like a new machine. Starting is usually first kick and the motor revs unusually freely for a side valve. There are wide gaps between the gears and it takes a little practice to change from first to second without going straight to top. Handling is about as perfect as it gets and the controls all work nicely. I've never used the gas lights but will make a point of learning how to fire them up one day. It always starts easily and loves to ride for hours. Going up steep hills is a little slow going but coming down the other side is fairly rapid and it loves to be thrown around the bends. It's very light and has a good turning circle so wheeling it around the garage is like wheeling a push bike around. This bike gives me as much fun as just about any bike that I've ridden and is a very friendly flat tanker which just about anyone can learn to ride in just a few minutes with no bad habits and it can be thrashed all day without any quibbles. The brakes are excellent too.

At the VMCC Isle of Wight Scurry the Enfield has on many occasions spent several days being ridden hard trying to keep up with the big boys and has never complained. The occasional bolt may have come loose in these conditions but the Enfield has been truly heroic punching well above its weight. It sounds like a 500, has a tick-over like a heart beat and is an easy first kick starter.

This is one of the best bikes that I have owned and is everything a flat tanker should be.